Bang Bang Chicken Wang- A Wing to Remember

Bang Bang Chicken Wang

My “Bang Bang Chicken (Shrimp)” Story As a self-proclaimed restaurant connoisseur and foodie, I was told a couple years ago that I must try Bonefish Grill’s Bang Bang Shrimp. My friends were raving about it and the pictures on Facebook  displaying the beautiful arranged prawns looked amazing! So my arm was twisted… (It doesn’t take […]

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Shepherd’s Pie Slow Cooker Recipe

Shepherd's Pie Slow Cooker

“My 5 Ingredient Shepherd’s Pie Slow Cooker Story” Let me start out by saying that I love to cook! I wouldn’t have a catering company and a food blog if I didn’t.  I like to fill any spare time I can find developing unique recipes and tinkering around in the kitchen. That being said I […]

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Bacon Rose Garnish- A Compliment for All Dishes

Bacon Rose Garnish

“My Story” A rose symbolizes beauty and love. Many women receive roses for special occasions to show that they are loved and appreciated. Roses come in different shapes, colors, sizes and are all beautiful in their own way. Roses are the American staple of love. So with that being said, it is a well known […]

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Bacon Wrapped IPA Jalapeno Poppers

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

 “My Bacon Wrapped IPA Jalapeno Poppers Story” There is nothing wrong with adding a little spice in your life, and that goes for food as well. I have always been drawn to spicy food since I was young. One of the first vegetables I have ever grown with my dad was a Biker Billy Hot […]

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Bacon Wrapped Potato Wedges

Bacon Wrapped Potatoes

“My Story” I love Football!! The hard hitting action, the competitiveness and especially the tailgating. From September to January, my Sunday revolves around football and food! (Or As much as my wife allows it). However, Super Bowl Sunday is a bit different. My focus is not as much on the game but more on The […]

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Arancini Cheesy Italian Rice Balls

Arancini Rice Balls

“My Story” Pop Quiz! Do you know what the most important grain with regards to human nutrition and calorie intake? Quinoa is you answer   Wait..? What? No! Maybe nutrition, but not calorie intake, and who eats that stuff anyway. Let’s try this again! Let me rephrase the question. Calling all parents of young children, […]

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