Food Ideas for a Graduation Party

Food Ideas for a Graduation Party

Food Ideas for a Graduation Party

I am sure that you will agree with me when I say that coming up with Food Ideas for a Graduation Party is no easy task.Graduation

You’re constantly wondering how much food to get, what type of food to make/order and how many guests will actually come. You have sent out invitations weeks ago and have received little to no response from any of the kids. You are nervous because you can easily expect anywhere from 25 to 100 high school kids. On top of all the uncertainty, you have a feeling that the kids who come will only stay for 30 minutes or so, eat nothing, and bounce to the next party.

You’re worried…

It’s not just about developing Food Ideas for a Graduation Party, you are also concerned because you do not want to have too much food and waste a ton of money. On the flip side, you are utterly fearful that you will run out. Having to frantically order pizzas to make up for the quickly decreasing amount of food that you displayed is an embarrassment you refuse to face.

Well…. Have no fear!

You are going to throw the perfect graduation party in a couple weeks. The food will be superb and there will be plenty of it. Your guests will leave both happy, full and thinking about how delicious and great the food ideas came together. There will be some leftovers but not enough to feed an army.  The icing on the cake is that your wallet will not take a huge hit.

So here it is..

I am going to show you the ultimate Food Ideas for a Graduation Party. I use this template for all the graduation parties that I cater and it works without a flaw. Whether you are preparing the food yourself or getting it catered, this template will work for you.

First thing to consider….

Adults, Family and friends who you know will be staying the whole time.

Food ideas for a Graduation party
Graduation Party Menu for the Family and Close Friends

These are the guests you really want to focus your menu around. They are family members and friends that you will see often in the future and will probably be the most generous to your graduate.

Check out this menu option that I recommend for the family and close friends.

By rule of thumb for food quantities, one sheet pan of food will feed 20-25 people. If you are dealing with a caterer, they can also help you determine the quantities.

If cooking is not your passion, please  hire a caterer! It might not be as expensive as you thought. If you are expecting 100 people and 60 of them are graduates and other kids, there is no reason to order appetizers, salad, two entrees and two sides for them. Trust me! They will not eat it.


So…. What about the Teenagers?

My recommendation is to order/ make kid friendly food and have it in a separate section where the kids will be gathering and hanging out.  Most of the items can be purchased at a wholesale business such as Costco. Others can be easily made or catered if you prefer.

It will work out great!

Sure you might get one “Odd Duck” who will venture over to the vegetable medley or crudite, but for the most part kids will probably want to be sequestered with their friends anyway and will be attracted to all the fried food surrounding them.

Fried Food to kids is like the pretty lights of a fly zapper for a bug. Dangerous and irresistible to pass up! Here is a list of Food ideas for a Graduation Party.

  1. Mozzarella Sticks

    Mozzarella sticks are very popular with high school kids. I served them at a graduation party and they disappeared within a couple minutes. You can make them from scratch and if interested,  is a great recipe to try.  However if time is an issue,  I recommend purchasing  them. Mozzarella Sticks are not that expensive and you could save a lot of time by buying them at Costco and cooking them real quick.

  2. Chicken Wings

    Tuscan wings
    Tuscan Chicken Wings

    Chicken Wings are a high school boys favorite food. There are many varieties and they’re usually messy, delicious and simple to make. You can easily buy the wings, cook them in the oven yourself and throw some hot sauce on them. You could also try one of these specialty wing recipes such as Tuscan Wings or Bang Bang Chicken Wings. They will definitely be a hit with the kids.

  3. Buffalo Chicken Dip

    The mecca of all dips designed for teenagers. It’s like a buffalo hot wing without the bone or mess. Buffalo Chicken dip is usually one of the first appetizers to go when I cater a graduation party. It is super simple and easy to make. It is sure to be the hit of  your party. Frank’s Red Hot has the perfect recipe

  4. Cheese Steak Spring Rolls

    Graduation Party Spring Rolls
    Cheese Steak Spring Rolls

    My top go to appetizer. With all the parties that I cater throughout the year, 3/4 of them order cheese steak spring rolls. They are not incredibly hard to make and your guests will rave about them for days. Maybe it’s the Philadelphian in me, but I believe cheese steak spring rolls will be a hit in any area.

  5. Chicken Fingers

    There is nothing unique or special about chicken fingers, but they have stood the test of time. Both kids and adults of all ages enjoy them. They have become a staple to my menu as well as many restaurants and catering companies throughout the country. Chicken Fingers are an easy kid pleasers.

    Food ideas for a graduation party
    Meatball Pesto Sliders


  6. Sliders

    A mini burger will definitely entice the teenagers. It is not something that they have on a daily basis

    but most kids love cheeseburgers. You could also get creative with sliders. You could make pulled pork, buffalo chicken, pesto meatball, crab cakes and much more. The options are endless and the kids will flock to them.


To sum it all up, there is no need to stress about Food Ideas for a Graduation Party. Just follow my suggestions and everyone will be happy. You are going to have a great party! Relax and have fun with it!


If you enjoyed this article, I would love to hear from you.  Feel free to leave a comment and let me know if you tried any of my suggestions.


















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