Meet Matt!

Born and raised in a family full of artists, I often wondered why I never inherited the passion for a paintbrush. Starting at a very early age, I was the one in my parents kitchen whipping up tasty meals, always experimenting with Meet Matt!

different spices and flavors to create the perfect combinations. I would design elaborate menu’s for holidays and special occasions and laminate them. “1998 Annual 7 Fishes Dinner, by Matt Hutelmyer”. I still sometimes find them lying around and always get a good laugh.

Still, to this day, crafting meals is one of my biggest passions. Only now I realize that I did inherit that “artsy” gene after all. Although I don’t express myself through drawing, sculpting or painting, my expression is in my food. I proposed to my wife over my food, cooking a 5 course meal of her favorites. I celebrated the birth of my children through cooking for their baby showers. They’re now toddlers so rather watching them enjoy it, I typically watch it get thrown and spilled all over the walls and floor. It’s still worth it.

I’ve had a wonderful life so far, and after 35 years, I’m known for a lot of things: A teacher, a father, a husband, a son, a brother… but I’m also known for my food. Putting my heart and soul into everything I do, you will actually taste the passion and detail that goes into every bite.