Shrimp Lejon – Demanding to be Made!

Shrimp Lejon

Shrimp Lejon!!!! The ultimate appetizer. The crispiness of the bacon combined with the intense short lived flavor of the horseradish, and the chewiness of the shrimp all combine equals a formula for satisfaction. If you ever have been to a wedding or a party, you will notice that most people usually do not pass on […]

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Pesto Meatball Sliders on a Tomato Basil Brioche Bun

 Pesto Meatball Sliders Ready Set Cook! Cook! Cook!…. Pesto Meatball Sliders When most people think of the Fall season, they envision leaves turning colors, temperatures getting colder, Halloween, Thanksgiving and all things pumpkin. These are also some of my favorite Fall icons. However, when I think of Fall, I associate it with football, and delicious […]

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