Bacon Rose Garnish- A Compliment for All Dishes

Bacon Rose Garnish

“My Story” A rose symbolizes beauty and love. Many women receive roses for special occasions to show that they are loved and appreciated. Roses come in different shapes, colors, sizes and are all beautiful in their own way. Roses are the American staple of love. So with that being said, it is a well known […]

Bacon Wrapped Potato Wedges

Bacon Wrapped Potatoes

“My Story” I love Football!! The hard hitting action, the competitiveness and especially the tailgating. From September to January, my Sunday revolves around football and food! (Or As much as my wife allows it). However, Super Bowl Sunday is a bit different. My focus is not as much on the game but more on The […]

Shrimp Lejon – Demanding to be Made!

Shrimp Lejon

Shrimp Lejon!!!! The ultimate appetizer. The crispiness of the bacon combined with the intense short lived flavor of the horseradish, and the chewiness of the shrimp all combine equals a formula for satisfaction. If you ever have been to a wedding or a party, you will notice that most people usually do not pass on […]